15 years ago people were convinced that if you weren’t on the Internet you didn’t exist. This has now changed. In 2017, a company’s website is often its primary sales channel, and that’s why simply existing is no longer enough – you have to know your clients and stand out from your competitors. As a business operator you should be aware of how effective a tool a well-designed website can be – and we can help you maximise its benefits for your business.

It’s frequently the case that website visitors’ purchasing decisions are influenced by how a website looks, which is to say its layout, how easy it is to use, how modern it is and how easy it is to understand. Sometimes such decisions come down to a matter of seconds – how long it takes a website to respond can see potential clients walk away. Given the pace of life today, it’s not only the professional products and services and competitive prices you offer that play a role: it’s also important how you present them and how you draw potential clients in generally. As a business operator and website owner your main aim should be to lure as many visitors as you can to your website and to keep them there for as long as possible, thereafter shaping their purchase decisions to your advantage, but also so that they go away satisfied and feel as though they’ve spent their money in the right place.

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